All-Stars Photography by Danielle Smerecky

Hey there!! 🙂
My name is Danielle Smerecky (but my friends call me Dani) and I specialize in weddings, engagements, and lifestyle photography sessions with a modern twist kind of style… And I can honestly say, I have some of the BEST clients EVER!

I am not a “perfectly placed, posed photographer” and I don’t do the whole “studio backdrop setup” kind of thing. And, if that is what you are looking for, trust me, I am NOT the photographer for you. I want to photograph WHO YOU REALLY ARE! I photograph happy, silly, and fun clients who laugh until their cheeks hurt from smiling… Do you want to know why?

Because when you look at your photos from our session you will see happiness, you will see silly, you will see FUN… And the best part about it… You will ALWAYS be able to see the way you felt that day; even 20 years down the road. And you know what they say “a smile is contagious!” 😉

I love to have fun and joke around with my clients because it makes everyone more natural and relaxed. Also, it makes for a better overall experience! I won’t be just “a photographer,” by the end, we will be more like friends! EVERYONE has a happy, silly, and fun side…. Let me show you!

-Danielle (: