Room Transformation Uplighting

Wedding Uplighting – Imagine if all the lights could talk to one another and synchronize with the music!

Put simply, we transform the ENTIRE room and make it completely intelligent. Every bride, every event, even if in the same room, can be completely unique. If you have a colored theme to your wedding uplighting, the entire room can be exactly matched to your color. Multiple colors can be used as well, for example, slowly change from Teal to Violet and then back again, or slowly increase in intensity throughout dinner. During dancing, the room lighting can join in with our superior sound and the fun happening on the dance floor and envelopes the entire reception in moving, changing color, energy and music. Nearly all of this is accomplished wirelessly so there is nothing for guests to trip on and no wires to get in the way of anything else.

Benefits of Our Room Transformation Uplighting vs Traditional Wedding Uplighting:

  • Modern and Compact
  • Wireless (No Wires to Trip On)
  • ANY Combination of Colors including UV/Blacklight
  • Near Perfect Color Matching
  • Cool to Touch LED Technology
  • CHANGING of Colors Possible Throughout the Event
  • SOUND Activated and INTEGRATED with Dance Lighting and Music (if using an ALL-STARS DJ)
  • Unlimited Placement (Light Rooms/Walls/Pillars/Under Tables/No Power Outlet Needed)

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Video Demo Courtesy of Eternal Lighting:

Room Transformation Lighting in Action!: