Why Get A Photo Booth for your Wedding?


Why get a photo booth for your wedding?

The Photographer is for you. The Photo Booth is for your GUESTS!

Honestly nothing replaces a professional photographer with experience and an eye for capturing those special moments that could last only seconds. Having entertained at hundreds of weddings in the last decade plus, I can say I have almost never seen the photographer stay until the end of the reception. They have a grueling shoot for most weddings and staying that last hour or two is sometimes just not in the budget. Plus they are usually focused on getting pictures of you, your bridal party, and your family more than the guests at your reception. Plus those elegant pictures are usually only shared with close friends and family. Enter the Photo Booth…

The wedding photo booth has become a mainstay at most wedding receptions and something guests (who have been to a wedding with a photo booth) really look forward to. With props and silly masks and hats, everyone can just have fun and not worry if they look perfect. Because they have become so popular, everyone also offers them. Just like not everyone with an ipod and a thousand songs can be a DJ, not everyone with a printer and a camera can truly be a professional photo booth operator.

One thing is certain, when done right, a photo booth at your wedding reception gives your guests something exciting and fun to do and also something to take home to remember. Also with social media, now everyone at the reception can share photos to sites like facebook and twitter and the photos will be hosted online so everyone can tag and view.

Obviously your wedding budget is important. Anyone starting off a new life together should make sure they do not over extend themselves. Everyone wants the most elegant wedding at the best price. They want to entertain their guests but not break the bank. When it comes to a “extra” service like a wedding photo booth, it is almost the easiest thing to NOT consider when budget considerations come into play. The same thing happens with entertainment in general. Sometimes it is the last thing chosen at a time when the budget is already used up. Obviously you must spend your money on what is most important to you in your wedding, but at least with a professional wedding photo booth, the digital pictures will be around well after the cake is eaten, the flowers have died, hangovers have gone, and left-over cookies are stale!

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