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8 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Reception to Keep the Party Going

Here are 8 Tips for Getting Your Wedding Reception PARTY On!


Don’t let a DJ sell you a dream…

I find it funny that so many DJs and Entertainment Companies pitch the idea that they can keep the dance floor packed all night long in any situation. Let’s face it, nowadays people will tell you anything to make the sale. Instead of me going on and on about how great our djs are and how we have 5 star reviews, and how we have won awards the past 3 years running, I am going to be honest and share some ideas that can really help you have a fun and successful event that has nothing to do with hiring us.
If you are having a wedding, there are so many factors involved in “having the dance floor packed all night long” that nobody seems to mention. Sure, professional entertainment is very important, but there are things you can do in your planning also to insure a fun, upbeat party:

  1. Don’t have a cocktail hour followed by a 2 hour sit-down dinner where the bar is closed – your guests will be wanting to sleep when the music starts playing no matter how good or bad your DJ is.
  2. Think about how long of a commitment your guests will be making to your wedding for that day – they will want to leave earlier if your ceremony was at noon and the reception wasn’t until 5. They may NEED to leave the reception early if they have pets or children. Don’t let having fun at your reception compete with the present Fido will be leaving them at home after being gone 10 hours.
  3. Make sure your guests have a good option after the party (or no option) – if everyone lives “kinda far” and doesn’t choose to stay overnight, they are leaving the party early. Obviously you can’t control where your guests are coming from, but they will be more inclined to let loose and have a better time if they don’t have to worry about drinking and driving and especially if they don’t have somewhere to be afterwards. If they are staying at the hotel, why not party! If they have a long drive home, most won’t be staying out too late.
  4. Be careful of outdoor options or a lounge area at the venue – if your reception is inside and there is an outdoor area, especially on a nice day, this can easily take away from the party on the dance floor. You should consider a remote speaker option from your dj so everyone knows what is going on in that ‘other’ area and try to keep the party where you want it.
  5. Likewise, if you know the reception venue has a nice outdoor area or similar area away from the dance floor, you might consider starting the reception later in the evening so you don’t compete with sunshine. More guests will come inside and dance when it is dark out. There are no dance clubs open in the afternoon.
  6. Is the bar is too far away? This is self explanatory. Make sure the bar isn’t 2 rooms away from where you actually want people to be.
  7. Are there other things to do? A photobooth can be great fun, but it pulls people away from the dancing. I am NOT saying scrap a photobooth. Get a photobooth that can be inside where the reception is at or maybe just outside in the hallway if you are limited on space. If the photobooth is close to the dance floor, guests can still shake their butts in line or wait until they see the line is shorter.
  8. Most importantly, no matter what happens at your reception, make sure you and your bridal party have fun! – In the vast majority of weddings we have seen over the last 15 years, the bride, groom, and bridal party set the tone for the rest of their guests. If the newlyweds and their close friends and family are on the dance floor having a good time, the rest of the guests will be also.

DJ Clay

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